The Try Guys Draw Nude Self Portraits

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The Try Guys

23 dögum síðan

Well I bet y'all never saw this one comin! Should we just call this the try not to blush challenge? Watch us try to paint ourselves like french girls in this special nude self-portraits episode! Here we go!
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The Outsider
The Outsider 18 mínútum síðan
I love seeing people draw but I love the body positivity in this video even more. I’m gonna have to do nude portraits (not of me lol) for art school IMO I’ve always found it easier to draw feminine figures because it’s just fun to add more curves but I’ve been experimenting with masculine figures as well.
Kelechi Imoh
Kelechi Imoh 4 klukkustundum síðan
I really appreciate how the guys went about this. Yeah there were jokes (cause it's not a try guys video without one) but the fact that 4-5 years later they're more accepting and content with their bodies can hopefully help some of us look at our bodies in a more positive light. Maybe even help me...
Andreisy Medina
Andreisy Medina 6 klukkustundum síðan
Ew you can hear zach's junk swing bahaha
Mara Moon
Mara Moon 11 klukkustundum síðan
Eugene's is actually so freaking good! It belongs in his portfolio at least! They all did amazing!
Sil 11 klukkustundum síðan
Thank you Devlin for editing! Hopefully you didn't have to censor it but if you did, I hope you'll recover from that 🤣
Angela Harkins
Angela Harkins 13 klukkustundum síðan
Zach, you looking fine. All the boys are pretty, but Zach just looks better and better the more confidence he gets. That's a nice tummy, sir. Kudos
Meike Tummers
Meike Tummers 15 klukkustundum síðan
The way Eugene talks about their story about how to except and love your body and everything gives me tears in my eyes. So beautiful
vsxn 16 klukkustundum síðan
Ngl I like all of their drawing cause it's good Eugene being fancyy lol
Sophia Degi Síðan síðan
2:09 you can hear a.... slapping of some sort.
JohanneNJA Degi Síðan síðan
Wauw you guys, you've come a long way. You all seem so happy now, and it's obvious you all are being loved and cared for ❤️ It's amazing to watch 👏👏
Erica Fiala
Erica Fiala Degi Síðan síðan
Try guys editors really love inserting Dies Irae whenever possible 😂😂 it’s the song at about 8:21one of my favorite songs I’ve sang
Belinda Orton
Belinda Orton Degi Síðan síðan
Ariel asking why Ned couldn't draw an erect penis gave me LIFE
zoey rose
zoey rose Degi Síðan síðan
ariel: is this Keith? ned: 👁👄👁
Rachel Richter
Rachel Richter Degi Síðan síðan
Dammit Eugene. Your portrait belongs in a fucking museum.
Amilita S
Amilita S Degi Síðan síðan
Why did Maggie and Bowie have the same face dhdhdhhdhd
Amilita S
Amilita S Degi Síðan síðan
EUGENE!!!! AND THE WATER COLOUR TOO!!! He always goes beyond damn
Amilita S
Amilita S Degi Síðan síðan
But on a real note they all did so good!!!
Amilita S
Amilita S Degi Síðan síðan
The try guys body positivity is actually elite I love the message that they always try to put out, they’re just so real
Protogen Cedil
Protogen Cedil 2 dögum síðan
If I have done this, I would never draw any NSFW type art again (of human)
Kyla Carey
Kyla Carey 2 dögum síðan
Can the wives now draw them??
Nora Platts
Nora Platts 2 dögum síðan
get therapy challenge go
BeezWhizz 2 dögum síðan
Eugene having his window fully uncovered at the start is giving me second-hand anxiety
curlyswirly 3 dögum síðan
Can you imagine being a kid and coming across this drawing of your parent???
Abundant Rose
Abundant Rose 3 dögum síðan
I really liked Eugene’s it was done really well, kinda down that he didn’t frame his like the other guys did.
Charlie Grace
Charlie Grace 3 dögum síðan
this was honestly really heartwarming! the amount of body positivity was really refreshing to hear. i think we all struggle to realize just how incredible the human body is, and how amazing we are as individuals.
Jenique. T
Jenique. T 3 dögum síðan
Eugene is such a fucking try hard I love him how is he talented in everything. They guys did such an amazing video well done
Katie DELEON 3 dögum síðan
i would have literally just taken a photo of myself and then drawn it lmao so much easier than a mirror
NiceUser123 3 dögum síðan
They’re modern Adams
Jax 4 dögum síðan
Didn't need to hear the sound of Zach's dick slapping against his legs as he did that twist. Editorial choices on that one.
Michelle 03
Michelle 03 4 dögum síðan
19:38 omg Matt
Kuwanyauma Blb
Kuwanyauma Blb 4 dögum síðan
When you've seen the guy's ass alot in previous videos that you're actually comfortable in this video lol
DEXSloth PINK 4 dögum síðan
2:09 "slap slap"
Frosty J
Frosty J 4 dögum síðan
“You couldn’t have drawn yourself with an erect penis?” And suddenly Ned REALLY regretted not drawing his portrait from the back
foreshadowing_panda 5 dögum síðan
Adam Wolff
Adam Wolff 5 dögum síðan
i like how ariel instantly said: "is this keith?" LOL
M G 5 dögum síðan
..did zachs **** slap???!..
Smokinmama143 5 dögum síðan
Ariel asking if that was Keith was priceless 🤣🤣
Charlotte Jons
Charlotte Jons 5 dögum síðan
This. This is why I love the guys. Perfect balance of humor and positivity. I can expect to laugh and smile during a video, but I never realize how happy they make me. I could’ve expected the jokes, but this video just made me feel...good. New favorite. Love y’all.
Abbigale Shi
Abbigale Shi 5 dögum síðan
why is zachs camera angle and composition and lighting so beautiful
gabriella santana
gabriella santana 6 dögum síðan
This video is surprisingly wholesome.. probably my favorite Try Guys video so far 😤 💜💚💙💖
Naturally Sarcastic
Naturally Sarcastic 6 dögum síðan
zach is so adorable in this video! you can see in his face, especially at the start, that he wants to self deprecate but he tries so hard not to and i can see how uncomfortable he is in some moments and i’m just so proud of him for not letting the insecurities win. you go zach! i freakin love you! ❤️ also i feel the need to add that the other guys did amazing too despite the awkwardness and i just wanna thank y’all for always giving us viewers amazing role models. i love you guys❤️
Lunacreates 6 dögum síðan
Has zack worked out 👀
Classic Reject
Classic Reject 6 dögum síðan
Magpies and zacks dog like: 🧿👄🧿
Classic Reject
Classic Reject 6 dögum síðan
I love how Keith still has his socks on klmsooo
Classic Reject
Classic Reject 6 dögum síðan
Wess: dada da- Ned: 😧 Wess: 😮 Ariel: (walks in) 😲
Cam Rat
Cam Rat 6 dögum síðan
“Is it keith?” AHAHAHAHA
Sarah Kuder
Sarah Kuder 6 dögum síðan
The fabulous tip hooghly observe because pan inspiringly tire below a cold sale. wooden, tacky trowel
Spirit ‘n’ Sultan YT
Spirit ‘n’ Sultan YT 6 dögum síðan
😌 Wholesome alert 😌
Tyler Siegfried
Tyler Siegfried 6 dögum síðan
I love that Ned made sure to include his wedding ring in his drawing 🥺🥺
Bastian Larsen
Bastian Larsen 6 dögum síðan
This confirmes that Eugene is good at everything like WTF!
Rex Ian Pahang
Rex Ian Pahang 6 dögum síðan
Matt and doggiiieeee
MrsNanaBlue 6 dögum síðan
The moment when Maggie and Bowie are looking shocked.😂 Priceless.
Kayla Labine-Zhang
Kayla Labine-Zhang 7 dögum síðan
Beckys reaction actually killed me 😂😂😂
Samina Maisha
Samina Maisha 7 dögum síðan
Eugene is a natural at almost everything even if it isn’t perfect. People imperfection is the current perfection! Stop being idiots! And Ned is the practical husband material who’s always determined in a very good way. No offense but I’m always brutally honest. 😳😬
Ashtynコリンズ 7 dögum síðan
honestly watching this video made me feel sm better about myself and I am so glad that this video is full of sm body positivity
Guy Smith
Guy Smith 7 dögum síðan
Was... was the goldfish after Keith said “I still haven’t drawn the penis” a reference to a certain bara game? It couldn’t be...right?
JAK 7 dögum síðan
Wes watching this 20 years later 😭 💀
Caleigh Mikes
Caleigh Mikes 7 dögum síðan
Neds camera falls: “aw farts” HA
Ri 7 dögum síðan
As an artist this is really fckn interesting to watch for so many reasons
Jelleybean18 8 dögum síðan
The things the guys were pointing out like Zach saying he had big areolas, Ned’s nose, Keith’s Tummy folds, Eugene saying he never thought he was attractive. Not at all what most of us see, in my opinion. They all look “normal” to me and they are all beautiful/gorgeous men. Crazy that you are your worst critic.
Jelleybean18 8 dögum síðan
Ned has a smart set up!
Jelleybean18 8 dögum síðan
Everyone. If you have your own private space with your partner (or have access to a locked room) sit around the house naked. Be in the nude. Sleep in the nude. It is bloody comfortable. Just saying. You’re welcome!
Jelleybean18 8 dögum síðan
Did not expect a naked Ned in the opening. Not gonna lie.
souviendra 8 dögum síðan
“Oh, is this Keith?” “Why is this framed?” hahahaaaaaa
Rebecca Scholte
Rebecca Scholte 8 dögum síðan
2:10 , you can clearly hear Zach's thing flop about 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Rudy Atillo
Rudy Atillo 8 dögum síðan
Artists watching this video right now: Aw. They tried.
Exousia Abisha Sipasulta
Exousia Abisha Sipasulta 8 dögum síðan
wait, the amount of light that shines on him is worrying, did he open the blinds?? is he exposed to the outside world?? it concerns me Eugene..
Adrien Pinard
Adrien Pinard 8 dögum síðan
The equal lier secondly wreck because wilderness proximately dislike between a synonymous coat. gainful, goofy inventory
the amazing jamiot saves the day yet again
the amazing jamiot saves the day yet again 8 dögum síðan
ya know, this vid had a lot of silly things, but as a fellow chubbyish guy, im obsessed with the tummy love keith showed for himself. its this kind of media that helped me grow out of my internalized body shaming from when i was younger
Krystina Alyssa
Krystina Alyssa 8 dögum síðan
when zack said he was reclaim all his insecurities into vibrant colors as the colorful, eye-grabbing parts of himself i lost it. i didnt know i needed to hear that. thank you, zack!
Heather Nied
Heather Nied 8 dögum síðan
Biggus 8 dögum síðan
Why am I watching this at 1 am
Yoru Rei
Yoru Rei 8 dögum síðan
Keith should have just said that he was inspired by Renaissance art
Snow 8 dögum síðan
Lmao, Beckyyyy. XD
Bokugoo 8 dögum síðan
I cant imagine wht the editor had to ho thru
HENO FromJPN 8 dögum síðan
Eugene’s story reminds me of jisoo’s story🥺
Laura Murillo
Laura Murillo 8 dögum síðan
smeg fridge.
raereireyrose 8 dögum síðan
Ariel: You don't have to draw your body for me to think you're beautiful. Also Ariel: IS THIS KEITH?! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Vivi Bunga Ratih
Vivi Bunga Ratih 9 dögum síðan
Eugene is killing it, so talented!
ringirl19 9 dögum síðan
I feel like they could have their significant others draw them or do like boudoir shoots as well would be interesting but Ariel's reaction was the best - also enjoyed there take on how they each dislike a part of there bodies but also love them. Very inspiring guys!
Rachel M
Rachel M 9 dögum síðan
Can we just appreciate the body positivity they are putting out 😌
sierrr raaa
sierrr raaa 9 dögum síðan
y’all telling me you’re not hearing what I’m hearing at 2:09
Kimberly Mayer
Kimberly Mayer 9 dögum síðan
Ariel is just raw🤣🤣🤣🤣
Shrusti Kalkura
Shrusti Kalkura 9 dögum síðan
I just wanna know, who edited this video?
Maxxy A.
Maxxy A. 10 dögum síðan
The positivity on this video is just overflowing 🥰
Alysha lee
Alysha lee 10 dögum síðan
I find guys talking about self image is quite reassuring and I hope this video reaches other boys and men who are struggling with feeling happy with their looks/body.
J Kora
J Kora 10 dögum síðan
Ariel- is that Kieth! 😂😂😂😂😂😂💀
GSDLove 10 dögum síðan
Gonna be honest....kinda sad we didn’t get to see the weird drawn penises
Indy P. L.
Indy P. L. 10 dögum síðan
Imagine...imagine if aliens were watch all of us😶
GSDLove 10 dögum síðan
Why didn’t they just take a picture of themselves...instead of trying to use the mirror
kate 10 dögum síðan
“Is this Keith” IM CRYINGGGGGG
kate 10 dögum síðan
I love how they act like they’ve never seen themselves before
Anonymous Gay
Anonymous Gay 10 dögum síðan
2:10 sorry was that audible dick slap im crying
Alyssa Tomashek
Alyssa Tomashek 10 dögum síðan
“Is that Keith?” !!!!!! 😂😂😂
Nele Grubrus
Nele Grubrus 10 dögum síðan
I'm watching this for the third time in a week because I find it so empowering
Isabelle Hoopman
Isabelle Hoopman 10 dögum síðan
Ariel's "is this Keith?" Killed me
Skuju Jones
Skuju Jones 10 dögum síðan
Damn he thick boi that’s a thick boi.
Yvette Wong
Yvette Wong 10 dögum síðan
Don W
Don W 10 dögum síðan
Guys, you are so wonderful, and all the positive self-talk just about made me cry. I'm so proud of y'all, and especially your partners for being okay with this and loving you all. This is just... I think this might be my favorite video. I didn't have one before. Thank you for this gift. - D
Yvette Wong
Yvette Wong 10 dögum síðan
Once i saw the title, i immediately checked who edit this. Thank god it's Devlin and not Yb! lol tho Good job and Sorry to Devlin 😂
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